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5 Level Triage

Powerful triage and patient assessment skills including Trauma Triage at your fingertips!

Nurse Education offers dynamic computer-based learning for health care professionals.

Founded on sound methodology and presented in an interactive, easy to follow manner that actually teaches how to assess patients and triage safely and effectively. Course details

Based on the Canadian Triage & Acuity Scale (CTAS), the 5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment Program comprises a truly unique learning experience.

5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment. Online Course.
5 Level Triage & Patient Assessment Computer Based Learning including Trauma Triage and Domestic Violence

Program hours - 10.9 HOURS
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Approach your nursing decisions with confidence.
Expand your knowledge. Challenge and sharpen your skills. Relax and enjoy learning the complete nuts and bolts of effective Patient Assessment and 5 Level Triage at your convenience.

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5 Level Triage & Patient Assessment
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